COVID-19 and Communication Disabilities

COVID-19 is creating communication issues at many levels: from explaining to your child why they can’t go to school or how to comfort their fears to providing communication supports to hospital patients.

Below are several resources. More will be added as they are found. Please contact us if you know of a resource that should be added.


  • Letter to Minister Qualtrough (PDF) – Recommendations on communication supports for patients with COVID-19
  • Letter to Premier of Ontario (PDF) – Outlines recommendations for ensuring communication supports are available at all phases of assessment and treatment related to COVID. This letter can be used as a sample when addressing other jurisdictions.
  • BC’s exception to “no hospital visitors” (video clip) – During the April 23rd briefing, British Columbia’s Public Health Officer Dr. Bonnie Henry addressed the question about people with disabilities – particularly, communication disabilities – being allowed to have communication supports in hospital, if appropriate personal protective equipment (PPE) is used.

Communication Toolkits

AAC in Hospitals for Healthcare Professionals

AAC in Hospitals for Patients

Stories and Activities

  • Beating the Corona Blues’  – sensory story created by Pete Wells. His resources include a copy of the PowerPoint plus script, ideas and instructions for telling the story. 
  • COVID-19 Easy English – COVID-related fact sheets written in easy-to-understand English. Australian-based.
  • My Coronavirus Story (PDF) – A social story about Corona and schools created by Easter Seals with Boardmaker Picture Communication Symbols.
  • Support Understanding about COVID-19 – Tips and resources for explaining the virus to someone with complex communication needs who has difficulty understanding spoken communication.

General Disability-Related Information